# Pagination (fw-pagination)

fw-pagination displays pagination. The component displays starting and ending record numbers against total number of records.

# Demo

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# Usage

# Properties

Property Attribute Description Type Default
buttonGroupLabel button-group-label Aria Label to be used for the button group. string ''
isLoading is-loading Indicates if the records in current page are being fetched. boolean false
nextButtonLabel next-button-label Aria Label to be used for next button. string ''
page page The current page number. number 1
perPage per-page The number of records to be shown per page. Defaults to 10. number 10
previousButtonLabel previous-button-label Aria Label to be used for previous button. string ''
total total The total number of records. This is a mandatory parameter. number undefined

# Events

Event Description Type
fwChange Triggered when either previous or next button is clicked. CustomEvent<any>

# Methods

# nextPage() => Promise<void>

Navigates to next set of records if available.

# Returns

Type: Promise<void>

# previousPage() => Promise<void>

Navigates to previous set of records if available.

# Returns

Type: Promise<void>

# Dependencies

# Depends on

# Graph

graph TD;
  fw-pagination --> fw-button-group
  fw-pagination --> fw-button
  fw-pagination --> fw-icon
  fw-button --> fw-spinner
  fw-button --> fw-icon
  fw-icon --> fw-toast-message
  fw-toast-message --> fw-spinner
  fw-toast-message --> fw-icon
  style fw-pagination fill:#f9f,stroke:#333,stroke-width:4px

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