# File uploader (fw-file-uploader)

fw-file-uploader can be used to upload files to a server.

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# Properties

Property Attribute Description Type Default
accept accept accept - comma separated string. tells us what file formats file uploader should accept. string ''
acceptError accept-error acceptError - Error message to display when format is invalid. any undefined
actionParams action-params actionParams - additional information to send to server other than the file. any {}
actionURL action-u-r-l actionURL - URL to make server call. string ''
description description description - file uploader description. any undefined
fileUploadError file-upload-error fileUploadError - Error message when a file upload fails. any undefined
filesLimit files-limit Max files allowed to upload. number 10
hint hint hint - file uploader hint text. string ''
maxFileSize max-file-size maxFileSize - maximum file size the file uploader must accept. number 0
maxFileSizeError max-file-size-error maxFileSizeError - Error message to display when file size exceeds limit any undefined
maxFilesLimitError max-files-limit-error maxFilesLimitError - Error message when going beyond files limit. any undefined
modifyRequest -- modify request (xhr: any) => any (xhr) => xhr
multiple multiple multiple - upload multiple files. boolean false
text text text - file uploader text. any undefined

# Events

Event Description Type
fwFileReuploaded fileReuploaded - event that gets emitted when file is reuploaded CustomEvent<any>
fwFilesUploaded filesUploaded - event that gets emitted when files get uploaded CustomEvent<any>
fwStageChanged stageChanged - event that gets emitted when component stage changes CustomEvent<any>

# Methods

# uploadFiles() => Promise<void>

uploadFiles - uploads the files to the server. emits an after file is uploaded.

# Returns

Type: Promise<void>

# Dependencies

# Depends on

# Graph

graph TD;
  fw-file-uploader --> fw-file-uploader-progress
  fw-file-uploader --> fw-file-uploader-file
  fw-file-uploader-progress --> fw-icon
  fw-icon --> fw-toast-message
  fw-toast-message --> fw-spinner
  fw-toast-message --> fw-icon
  fw-file-uploader-file --> fw-icon
  style fw-file-uploader fill:#f9f,stroke:#333,stroke-width:4px

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