# DataTable (fw-data-table)

fw-data-table are used for data visualization.

# Basic Usage

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# Custom cells

# Crayons provided variants

# Anchor column variant

Row value for this column variant should be an object with the following properties:

  1. text - Text to be displayed in the cell
  2. href - url to point to when the text is clicked
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# User column variant

Row value for this column variant should be an object with the following properties:

  1. name - Name of the user
  2. email - email of the user
  3. image (optional) - url of the user image to be displayed in the avatar

If image property is not present, user's initials from the name property will be shown inside the avatar.

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# Icon column variant

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# Paragraph column variant

We can use this column variant when we have a bigger text and we need to trim/show this text. Row value for this column variant should be an object with the following properties:

  1. text: Paragraph to trim. Only first three lines from this paragraph would be visible initially. User has to expand to see the full text.
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# Custom templates

This codeblock shows how to use custom cell function to display HTML content in a cell.


  var columns = [{
    "key": "bookname",
    "text": "Book name",
    "customTemplate": (createElement, props) => {
      return createElement('b', {}, props.text);
  // Usage examples for createElement:
  // Params should be either (tagName, children) or (tagName, properties, children)
  createElement('div', [createElement('h2', 'Hello')]);
  createElement('div#foo.bar.baz', [createElement('h2', 'Hello')]);
  createElement('div.bar.baz', [createElement('h2', 'Hello')]);
  createElement('div', {className: 'greeting'}, [createElement('h2', 'Hello')]);

# Column text alignment

You can set text alignment in the column by passing the textAlign in column configuration. In the below example, column 'Icon' is center aligned.

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# Row Actions:

You can easily add an actions column by passing in rowActions prop to the component.

You can also use icons instead of text in buttons. Pass 'iconName' and 'iconLibrary' properties as part of configuration.

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# Hide columns

To hide certain columns, we can pass the 'hide' property set to true in the column's configuration.

'Role' column hidden in below table.

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# Column lock

We can lock column using 'lock' in column's configuration.

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# Column width

We can pass width for every column using 'widthProperties' in column's configuration. Every column has a minimum width of 40px and maximum width of 1000px by default. We can override min/max width for every column using the 'widthProperties' too.

'Name' column has 400px width and 'Role' column has 200px width.

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# Formatting data

We can format row's data before rendering into a cell by passing 'formatData' in column's configuration.

This option wont work when using this with 'variant' or 'customTemplate' properties in column's configuration.

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# Table settings

Table settings help with reordering and hide/show of columns. To enable table settings, pass the 'show-settings' prop to the table.

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# Loading table

We can load a table using the 'loadTable' method available on the table.

Load table

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# Saving column configuration

For auto saving configuration into localStorage, you can add 'autoSaveSettings' prop to the table.

  <data-table id="data-table-10" label="data table 10" auto-save-settings="true"> 

Data table exposes couple of method to get and set column configuration.


  let dataTable = document.querySelector('data-table#config');
  // getColumnConfig helps retrive configuration in JSON format
  let dataTableConfiguration = dataTable.getTableSettings(); 
  // setColumnConfig helps set the configuration. 

# Properties

Property Attribute Description Type Default
autoSaveSettings auto-save-settings autoSaveSettings to enable auto saving of table settings to localstorage. If set to true, make sure id attribute is also set to the data-table boolean false
columns -- Columns Array of objects that provides information regarding the columns in the table. DataTableColumn[] []
isAllSelectable is-all-selectable isAllSelectable Boolean based on which select all option appears in the table header boolean false
isLoading is-loading To disable table during async operations boolean false
isSelectable is-selectable isSelectable Boolean based on which selectable options appears for rows in the table. boolean false
label label Label attribute is not visible on screen. There for accessibility purposes. string ''
rowActions -- To enable bulk actions on the table. DataTableAction[] []
rows -- Rows Array of objects to be displayed in the table. DataTableRow[] []
shimmerCount shimmer-count shimmerCount number of shimmer rows to show during initial loading number 4
showSettings show-settings showSettings is used to show the settings button on the table. boolean false

# Events

Event Description Type
fwSelectAllChange fwSelectAllChange Emits this event when select all is checked. CustomEvent<any>
fwSelectionChange fwSelectionChange Emits this event when row is selected/unselected. CustomEvent<any>

# Methods

# getSelectedIds() => Promise<string[]>


# Returns

Type: Promise<string[]>

an array of selected row IDs

# getSelectedRows() => Promise<DataTableRow[]>


# Returns

Type: Promise<DataTableRow[]>

selected rows from the data table

# getTableSettings() => Promise<{}>


# Returns

Type: Promise<{}>

columnConfig object

# loadTable(state?: boolean) => Promise<boolean>

loadTable - Method to call when we want to change table loading state

# Returns

Type: Promise<boolean>

isLoading current state

# selectAllRows(checked?: boolean) => Promise<string[]>

selectAllRows method we can use to select/unselect rows in the table

# Returns

Type: Promise<string[]>

# setTableSettings(columnConfig: any) => Promise<DataTableColumn[]>


# Returns

Type: Promise<DataTableColumn[]>

# Dependencies

# Depends on

# Graph

graph TD;
  fw-data-table --> fw-custom-cell-anchor
  fw-data-table --> fw-custom-cell-user
  fw-data-table --> fw-custom-cell-icon
  fw-data-table --> fw-custom-cell-paragraph
  fw-data-table --> fw-checkbox
  fw-data-table --> fw-tooltip
  fw-data-table --> fw-button
  fw-data-table --> fw-icon
  fw-data-table --> fw-input
  fw-data-table --> fw-drag-container
  fw-data-table --> fw-skeleton
  fw-custom-cell-user --> fw-avatar
  fw-custom-cell-icon --> fw-icon
  fw-icon --> fw-toast-message
  fw-toast-message --> fw-spinner
  fw-toast-message --> fw-icon
  fw-custom-cell-paragraph --> fw-tooltip
  fw-tooltip --> fw-popover
  fw-checkbox --> fw-icon
  fw-button --> fw-spinner
  fw-button --> fw-icon
  fw-input --> fw-icon
  style fw-data-table fill:#f9f,stroke:#333,stroke-width:4px

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